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Street League: Your Number One Resource for Street Skateboarding

Street skateboarding is more than just a fun sport, it’s also an art form. At Street League, we host a wide variety of awesome street skate events every year that propel skaters into the spotlight. Founded by famous pro skateboarder Rob Drydek in 2010, Street League Skateboarding is still going strong today. We were created to help encourage more growth, increase popularity, and foster acceptance of the sport of street skateboarding all across the globe. Our street skate events include tournaments and other special events throughout the year. Visit our website often to find out more about all the latest news, contests, special events, and a whole lot more. The SLS has put a collection of independent events into the spotlight, turning them into a well-renowned global series that pros and novices alike look forward to. We’re pioneers of the premium qualification system and competition format of street skateboarding in order to help offer a pathway for amateurs to turn into professionals.

With our thrilling skate events, we are now recognized as being the world’s premier host of professional street skateboarding competitions. All of our events take place on special custom-built SLS-certified skate plazas that are one-of-a-kind. Look for our events in major cities all around the world, where you can watch skaters compete for high stakes and recognition. Check our website often to find out more about all of the latest news and happenings. You’ll also be able to view current stats and find out more about our competitions. Whether you’re new to street skateboarding or looking to join us, feel free to contact us today to find out more about how we can help you improve your game. You can also check out tons of awesome videos featuring some of the best professional and amateur skaters in the world.

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