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2022 "TRICK OF THE YEAR" AWARD - $10,000

Tight transition, rough bricks, and a deadly drop on the other side. There’s nothing easy about skating the China Banks. A lot has gone down in the 40+ year history of this SF staple, but T-Funk took it to another level with this FS Ollie over the big bench, securing himself the 2022 Trick Of The Year & $10,000!!

Click here to see the trick

"PEOPLE'S CHAMP" AWARD Presented by A Shoc Energy -$1,000

Fan Favorite Trick

And the ASHOC Energy "People’s Champ" Award + $1,000 goes to Adriel! Congrats, you blew everyone’s mind with this one!

Click here to see the trick

"LINE OF THE YEAR" AWARD Presented by Visible - $1,000

Best single line. (Multiple tricks done on different obstacles in a single clip. No editing)

When you start a line like that, you know it’s going to be a special one… congrats to Carlos Ribeiro on winning the Visible "Line Of The Year" Award + 1,000!!

Click here to see the trick

"XL COMBO" AWARD Presented by SkaterXL - $1,000

Best combination trick. (Tricks that combine two or more tricks together)

Next level tech! Marcelo Profeta secured the Skater XL "XL Combo" Award + $1,000!

Click here to see the trick

"STYLE MATTERS" AWARD Presented by BB Seguros - $1,000

Most stylish trick. (It's not WHAT you do, it's HOW you do it)

He’s the only person doing Front 3’s like that…

Congrats to Jake Wooten on winning the BB Seguros "Style Matters" Award + $1,000!!

Click here to see the trick

"AGAINST ALL ODDS" AWARD Presented by Tiger Beer - $1,000

Trick that showcased the most dedication. (Determination over difficulty)

The battle was worth it, congrats to Justin the Bishop on winning the Tiger Beer "Against All Odds" Award + 1,000!!

Click here to see the trick


 10 Honorable Mention Awards Available

Honorable Mentions #1

Honorable Mentions #2

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