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SLS Futures

The SLS Futures series presents an exciting opportunity for young skateboarding enthusiasts at Woodward PA. This SLS-style contest, held weekly over nine weeks, features the top 20 skate campers (up to 10 men and up to 10 women) competing for a chance to win a free week of summer camp. Winners of each weekly qualifier advance to the SLS Futures Camper Final in Week 10 (Aug 11-17), where they compete for the ultimate prize.

Both the SLS Futures Weekly Qualifier and the SLS Futures Camper Final include Men’s and Women’s Divisions. The overall winners from each division during the SLS Futures Camper Final in 2024 will receive a trip to a US SLS stop and a unique VIP experience onsite the following year in 2025.

Event Dates & Locations:

The SLS Futures Qualifier takes place every Thursday for 9 weeks at 3PM in the SLS Plaza at Woodward PA.

●  Week 1: June 9 to 15 - SLS Futures June 13

●  Week 2: June 16 to 22 - SLS Futures June 20

●  Week 3: June 23 to 29 - SLS Futures June 27

●  Week 4: June 30 to July 6 - SLS Futures July 4

●  Week 5: July 7 to July 13 - SLS Futures July 11

●  Week 6: July 14 to July 20 - SLS Futures July 18

●  Week 7: July 21 to July 27 - SLS Futures July 25

●  Week8:July28toAug3-SLSFuturesAug1

●  Week9:Aug4toAug10-SLSFuturesAug8

●  Week 10: Aug 11 to Aug 17 - SLS Futures Camper Final Aug 15

Up to 20 competitive campers and 3 judges (skate coaches and a visiting pro) participate, with 100-200 campers watching the event. For the Qualifier Contest Format (Weeks 1-9), Men’s and Women’s Divisions run simultaneously, starting with the Women Invitees. Each Division is scored using the same scale but separately per division. Invited skaters get two (2) 45-second runs followed by 5 attempts at a Best Trick. Best Trick attempts do not have to be on the same obstacle or be the same trick. Scoring is out of 10 for each run and Best Trick attempt. The overall score is comprised of the top 4 scores throughout the event (out of 40 points total). More information to come. Follow us on our socials to stay up-to-date on the latest SLS news.


han gu
han gu
a day ago

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Wells Edith
Wells Edith
3 days ago

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Jul 05

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pricots sistera
pricots sistera
Jun 28

The SLS Futures Camper Finals were the most thrilling and entertaining I've ever witnessed. The overall victors merited their accomplishments. Congratulations! geometry dash


defeated hapless
defeated hapless
Jun 26

The SLS Futures Camper Finals were the most thrilling and entertaining I have ever seen. The overall winners deserved their achievements. Congratulations! geometry dash subzero

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