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With the World Tour on hold, SLS is taking a step out of the arena for an informal event with a twist. The format is familiar, the rules are loose, the skaters are hand picked, and the location is private, as Nyjah Huston opens up his private skatepark for 10 of the world’s best skaters to go head-to-head for unregulated glory in becoming the first SLS Unsanctioned Champion.

Watch the SLS Unsanctioned premiere Sunday, Dec. 27 11:30pmET/8:30pmPT on ESPN2 or watch the full uncut replay on our YouTube.


Paul Rodriguez

Ishod Wair

Torey Pudwill

Jamie Foy

Dashawn Jordan

Felipe Gustavo

Carlos Ribeiro

Manny Santiago

Kelvin Hoefler

Matt Berger


Nyjah Huston

Leticia Bufoni

Kelly Hart

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